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cover "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
– Michael Jordan

Welcome to The Engine Room!

Five years ago, my partner in crime Martin Willnow and I founded grandcentrix. Today we are now Germany's largest full-service provider of Post-PC solutions.

In the past five years, our company has gone through a tremendous amount of change.

We've started as a team of four. We're now forty. We've moved twice, and today operate from Cologne, Hamburg, Mainz and Münster. We've tried different approaches to software development. For 14 months now, we've taken on agile projects only. Folks from five different countries have joined the grandcentrix team, adding a great level of diversity to our small company.

Starting a business is hard. Not only for management, but especially for the team. More than anything else, a startup culture requires deep loyalty, maturity and solid social skills. More often than not, economic reality drives decisions.

If you're not a people person, you're doomed to fail. If you're not a gladiator, you're out. If you're too idealistic, you can't survive, though the same holds true, if you happen to be too realistic.

Understanding that building a fun place to work sometimes requires everyone to go the extra mile, is key.

Nathan Benjamin (PlanetReuse) once said:

"Flexibility, creativity, passion. Being a small business, everyone pitches in to do everything; there’s no room for big egos here. It doesn’t matter who orders lunch or gathers time sheets or furiously cleans when investors are on their way to the office, what matters is that it gets done. You also have to be ridiculously optimistic. Things will go wrong, that’s a given, it’s how you react that is important."

I'm extremely proud of the fantastic team at grandcentrix.

In my 18 years of being in this business, I've never worked with such an inspiring, diverse, positive, open, creative, professional, crazy and loyal group of people.

And I've never felt this much "at home."

Even when circumstances were less than ideal, the team kept delivering.

Thank you.

The Engine Room is a blog run entirely by the grandcentrix team.

Everyone involved into the tech industry understands the value of communities. This blog is our way of giving back.

We plan to publish articles about developing Post-PC solutions, user experience design, software engineering, lessons learned, and entrepreneurship. It is open for everyone on the grandcentrix team. Chances are, you might also read about web culture, motor bikes and unicorns.

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We'd also love to hear back from you. The authors are mostly available on Twitter and we'll also cross-post links to the articles on our Google+ page for further discussion.

Welcome to The Engine Room and full speed ahead!

Ralf Rottmann,
Founder & Managing Partner

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Ralf Rottmann

founder of largest german app dev studio. former the next web editor. open web addict and developer at heart.



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