We felt the need to have an Ubuntu 14.04 Image on Google Compute Engine. As it's not offically supported, we did what good guys do and built one ourselves. And because we are really nice, we shared all the recipes and even host a ready-to-use image.

The build is based on Packer and Vagrant (note: works only on VMWare Fusion, as VirtualBox does not support nested virtualization).

The process is started by cloning the git repo and running vagrant up inside the repo. This downloads the Vagrant box, starts another virtual box inside and sets everything up. You can modify to add your own packages or remove the ones we found useful (vim, htop, unzip, fail2ban, curl, ethtool, kpartx). Please note that we tried to blend in to the GCE platform by providing all the Google daemons. Therefore we were following the excellent documentation while building this.

If you just want to use our image without all the building action, just go ahead and run:

gcutil addimage ubuntu-14-04 gs://gcx-devops-images/ubuntu-14.04-image.tar.gz  

Please mind the statement given in the repo's readme, which I repeat here for your pleasure:

Please be aware that you are essentially running an OS image that you cannot possibly audit. Do not use this image in production. We urge you to build your own image (using the instructions below). The process is very streamlined and will only take about 30-60 minutes, depending on machine and network speed.

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